Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Aftermath of Sulking

Well, last night I came home instead of hitting the Chinese buffet. I was hungry and sulking, and ate 9.2 flex points above and beyond what I had left. That probably amounts to about three chicken balls, though, so I guess we'll grudgingly count it as a success. But I still want Chinese food.

My birthday is going well so far. I forgot to hop on the scale before drinking my morning pop, so I'll wait and do it tomorrow, rather than look at flawed data.

The weather is really blechy today. I must've been a bad girl to have this on my birthday. *grin*

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Anonymous said...

Hey KJ!

You are right - those 9.2 points are nothing compared to what you might have done at a chinese buffet - you will have lots of birthdays at goal weight!

I used to make my own chinese - dry garlic meatballs, egg rolls and rice - at home (use frozen meatballs and bottle sauce, veggie egg rolls) and it would help get rid of my craving.

Keep the faith - it can only get easier!!