Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So far, so good.

Yesterday I planned everything out and ate it. Now, I have to admit that I went over my points for the day by 18, but it was planned.

We were given gift cards to Boston Pizza for Christmas, and Hubby and I did our best to get there before I went back on program, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

So on New Year's Eve, Hubby asked me what I wanted to do about the gift cards. He said that he knew I was revving up again with the New Year, and that I had a list of "minimally-damaging foods" at BP, and did I still want to go?

Well, I thought about it. But I realized that by getting the stuff that was "okay" instead of the stuff I really wanted, I'd be setting myself up as depressed and feeling deprived on Day One. I figured that wasn't a good idea.

So we went to Boston Pizza for lunch. I calculated the points for everything I wanted, and I ordered it and enjoyed every mouthful of it. Yes, I went over my points for the day, but I planned it out and tracked the points, and having had my "last supper", I'm ready to move on today.

And Day Two is going just fine.

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