Sunday, December 09, 2007


The day started out okay. I had 45 g of Fibre 1 Honey Clusters with 40 g of plain old Fibre 1, 250 ml skim milk, and 200 ml of apple juice.

Then I laid down for a nap at lunchtime, and when I woke up, we went to the Maul to go shopping.

I got a little stressed.

Between bailing at Toys R Us and now, I have eaten:

- a chicken finger / fries platter from Deluxe.
- onion rings from Deluxe.
- a Papa burger from A&W.
- half of Hubby's medium Coke because my Diet Pepsi was all gone.
- a large tin of Poppycock candied popcorn with nuts.
- 2 Reeses' Crunch bars.

And now I desperately want to hurl. Not because I'm bulimic, but because my stomach is audibly roiling and I feel more than a little sick.

What a way to make me crave salad.

But I thought by confessing it here, I'd have to take ownership of it, and now you all know that I can binge with the best (worst?) of them, given just the right conditions.

And we aren't even done shopping yet. (sigh)

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