Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Day One

Welcome to December, and a new WW week. My little rebellion is over, and today I'm back on the bus. I always like the symbolic beginnings of the first day of the month, and so last week I decided today would be the day. And here we are.

We got groceries last night and I got all of the goodies I need to get me through Week One. I hate Week One, because it's so easy to slide off it. No time invested, no new real success to report, and ... well, it's a lot easier to declare next week Week One again. Next week can only be Week Two if you're good this week. Make sense?

I didn't get to my WW meeting this morning because I'm totally flat broke, but I wound up dreaming about ML and KF, so obviously I was there in spirit before I even woke up! I'll be there next week, when it's the day after payday.

Time to take my vitamin and go find some brunch. There's something comforting about heading back into this routine. At this point of the game, all of the novelty is long gone, but there are other nuances that are a little more difficult to articulate.

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Anonymous said...

good to hear! I was slightly concerned this morning at your vacant chair :)